West Central Illinois Branch Hosts Antler Scramble

Kids collecting antlersThe West Central Illinois Branch recently held its fourth annual Antler Scramble at the Big Red Barn in New Windsor. The event hosted 102 kids, along with their guardians. The day began with a short presentation provided by Branch Vice President, Garrett Feik, and Regional Director, Sam Leatherman. The talk covered how antlers are grown and cast along with the best areas to search for sheds.

The event then shifted to the fun part, searching for antlers! Over 300 sheds and a few skulls were placed across approximately 20 acres. The area was split into halves with the older kids in the rougher terrain and younger participants in fields and food plots. Each youth was able to find three sheds, one of which they got to take home. Both sides also included a bonus shed which resulted in an additional prize, as did any dead heads that were found. At the conclusion of the hunt, each youth received an Antler Scramble T-shirt, Rack Pack membership, and gift bag.

Special thanks go out to Decrane Farms, 4J Farm, Parker Run Vineyards, Hy-Vee, and Amanda Soseman.