QDMA’s youth membership program, the Rack Pack, is a grassroots, in-person program with an additional youth-led online community intended to create and enrich future hunters and leaders in conservation.

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Rack Pack Membership –  Become a Rack Pack member today for only $25 and join the next generation of deer hunters, deer managers, and conservationists. With your membership you will receive the following benefits: A Rack Pack blaze orange hat, subscription to Quality Whitetails magazine, QDMA’s Aging & Scoring Bucks on the Hoof DVD, Rack Pack and QDMA decals, coupon to QDMA’s store The Shed, personalized member card and free admittance to field days.

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Rack Pack Activity Guide

The Rack Pack Activity Guide provides procedural suggestions for some youth activities. 

Hunting 101

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QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting

Ebook Cover thumbQDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting is an e-book produced in partnership with HunterED.com and Primos Hunting. This is a great resource for both experienced and new hunters alike who want to become more successful deer hunters. You can read the e-book on any device using the free Kindle app. You can also easily “gift” a copy of the e-book to friends and family who would like to learn more about deer hunting. Review the book now.


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