About Field to Fork

Field to Fork is a food-focused hunter recruitment program for adults from non-hunting backgrounds. A modified version of a program created by the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, QDMA’s Field to Fork pilot started in Athens, Georgia with a unique approach involving recruitment at a local farmer’s market. Visitors were asked if they wanted to sample from a spread of venison sausage, grilled backstrap or venison jerky, and they were provided with a handout titled “Why Should You Hunt Deer?” They were then offered the chance to participate in a mentored hunting program that would teach them how to hunt and acquire a wild, healthy, local, sustainable source of food on their own.

After two successful seasons of piloting at QDMA’s headquarters, we set a goal to replicate and scale Field to Fork around the country. In 2018, Field to Fork expanded to eight new states. Be on the lookout for more stories, more news and more resources for Field to Fork. If you’re interested in starting, helping or participating in a Field to Fork contact hforester@qdma.com

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