Rack Stacker Becomes First Corporate Sponsor of QDMA Canada

Steve Elmy of Rack StackerQDMA is pleased to welcome Rack Stacker as the first official Corporate Sponsor of QDMA Canada. Rack Stacker specializes in food plot seed blends and deer mineral products adapted for the harsher climates of the northern United States and Canada.

“Since the beginning of my whitetail hunting career, I have followed the QDMA’s Four Cornerstones of deer management,” said Steve Elmy, owner of Rack Stacker. “Everything I’ve done to improve the hunting on my 88-acre property I learned from QDMA, and now I have the ability to give back to this great organization. Rack Stacker has been a proud supporter for nearly 10 years, and we will continue to spread the word about the importance of joining and supporting QDMA.” 

“QDMA Canada can’t think of a better first sponsor than Steve Elmy and Rack Stacker,” said Rob Argue, Director of Operations and Outreach for QDMA Canada. “Steve is a Level II QDMA Deer Steward graduate and has been a longtime advocate of both QDM principles and the Association itself. QDMA Canada is very excited to work with Rack Stacker to bring QDMA to the forefront in Canada.”

For more information about Rack Stacker, visit their website.