QDMA Launches Deer Hunting 101 YouTube Series for New Hunters

Whether you’re repairing home appliances or skinning a deer, YouTube has become the search engine of choice for beginners and do-it-yourselfers, and QDMA is there for new and aspiring deer hunters. A new YouTube series, QDMA’s Deer Hunting 101, went live in October with how-to videos that provide all the reliable information a new hunter needs for success.

“The adult hunters we are recruiting through our Field to Fork program tell us they use YouTube as a how-to resource.” said Hank Forester, QDMA’s Assistant Director of Hunting Heritage Programs. “I wanted QDMA to respond to those searches with reliable, accurate information about whitetails, hunting techniques, and preparing venison for the table. Now you can just hit play on your phone and quarter your deer as you watch.”

With financial support from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, and backed by the video production expertise of Mossy Oak, QDMA wrote a 17-video series covering the full range of deer-hunting knowledge, from scouting to skinning, from biology to backstraps.

Filmed and edited for QDMA by Mossy Oak, the videos average 6 minutes in length and take a new hunter through the complete experience starting with understanding deer behavior, scouting and hunting techniques, hunter ethics, making effective shot choices, and field-dressing and processing a deer for food. The videos can provide one-off instruction, such as Episode 13: How to Skin a Deer, or the series can be viewed as a complete playlist on QDMA’s YouTube channel.

QDMA’s YouTube series will serve as standardized curriculum for group instruction and discussion at Field to Fork training events around the nation.

In additional to YouTube, QDMA will make the new series available in a number of other educational venues.

• They will be included in the Today’s Hunter Deer Hunter 101 course, the first-ever online course for beginning deer hunters provided through a partnership with Kalkomey Enterprises LLC.

• Mossy Oak will add the series to its Mossy Oak Go streaming app.

• They will eventually update the original videos embedded in QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting e-book, available free at the QDMA website.

• The videos will be used in addition to the Powerpoint presentations supplied as standardized curriculum for QDMA’s Field to Fork volunteers.

“With the rapid expansion of our Field to Fork recruiting program, we’ve needed standardized training materials for our volunteer mentors to use,” said Hank. “These videos provide plug-and-play educational resources that can be used at Field-to-Fork trainings. Participants and mentors can watch the series as a group, watch at home for additional training, or mentors can use them as a general outline for more personal Field to Fork instruction.”

For more than 30 years QDMA has built a reputation for supplying reliable, fact-checked, science-based guidance on deer management, habitat improvement, hunting techniques and whitetail policy and conservation. That same standard applies to QDMA’s guidance of new hunters, whether they entered deer hunting through a QDMA program or simply searched YouTube for tips on how to hunt deer.

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