QDMA Branches Support the National Organization During COVID-19 Crisis

Note: This page is being regularly updated as we receive word from additional QDMA Branches that are coming to the assistance of the National Organization.

In these uncertain times, it is good to know that QDMA has many members, volunteers and friends willing to do more to help sustain the organization through difficult days. We want to use this page to spotlight a few QDMA Branches that are stepping up to help ensure a bright future for QDMA and its mission.

Like all non-profit organizations, QDMA operates on thin margins even during the best of times, ensuring the majority of proceeds are fed immediately back into programs and mission work. This is why QDMA earned a 4 Star Rating from the independent Charity Navigator for three years in a row. Thus, when a major source of regular income like Branch fundraising banquets is suddenly eliminated, we urgently need to find alternative sources to cover operational expenses and sustain programs at consistent levels.

Here’s a list of Branches that have responded to the COVID-19 crisis by providing critical financial assistance to the National Organization.

Tip of the Mitt Branch of Michigan

Michigan’s Tip of the Mitt Branch, led by President Jim Rummer, wrote a check for $2,500 from local Branch funds to assist the National Office.

Michigan’s Tip of the Mitt Branch

Capital Area Branch of Michigan

President Dick Seehase and the members of the Capital Area Branch in Michigan are helping the National Office continue working for whitetails through the economic crisis with $2,000 in financial support. Thank you!

Volunteers with QDMA’s Capital Area Branch of Michigan shown at a recent youth hunt they held for military families.

Twin Tiers Branch of New York

The Twin Tiers Branch of New York, a relatively new QDMA Branch led by Branch President Chuck Olin, contributed $1,000 to the National Office to ensure continued work for whitetails.

Twin Tiers Branch President Chuck Olin (fifth from the left) attended this QDMA Deer Steward Habitat Module in Pennsylvania last year.

First New Hampshire Branch

The First New Hampshire Branch came through with a donation to National Headquarters of $1,500 to help sustain our mission work, like the Field to Fork program, which this Branch has embraced enthusiastically.

QDMA’s First New Hampshire Branch recently held a Field to Fork training and hunt for employees of the Sig Sauer/Ruger Group who wanted to learn to hunt deer.

Central Wisconsin Branch

A generous donation of $10,000 arrived at QDMA National Headquarters from the Central Wisconsin Branch. Thank you!

Brian Ruesch (right) is the President of QDMA’s Central Wisconsin Branch, and Barry Meyers is the Treasurer.

Derby City Branch of Kentucky

The Derby City Branch of Kentucky made a much-needed donation of $10,000 toward national mission work. A very active Branch that is heavily involved in the Kentucky Military Youth Hunts, this Branch also recently supported their state’s Hunters for the Hungry charity (see photo).

The Derby City Branch of Louisville, Kentucky recently made a large donation to Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry. Pictured L-R are Regional Director Justin Lawson, Branch President Steve Daniels, Roger Lapointe with Hunters for the Hungry, and Branch Treasurer Pete Blandford.

Lowcountry Branch of South Carolina

The Lowcountry Branch of Charleston, South Carolina, under co-presidents Ashley Smith and Derek Willis, sent $2,000 to QDMA Headquarters to help sustain the organization during the COVID-19 economic crisis. Thank you!

Lowcountry Branch President Ashley Smith (center) and co-President Derek Willis pose with new hunter Cara Craven (left) who took her first deer on a Field to Fork hunt with the Branch last season.

West Central Michigan Branch

QDMA received $300 from the West Central Michigan Branch of Michigan, who tapped their own local conservation funds to help sustain our national mission work through the economic downturn. Thank you!

Members of the West Central Michigan Branch recently planted over 1,000 tree seedlings to help improve public hunting land in their home state.

Bluestem Branch of Kansas

The Bluestem Branch of Kansas led by President Tim Donges contributed $1,000 of Branch funds to the National Office to keep QDMA working for whitetails.

Tim Donges of Kansas, president of QDMA’s Bluestem Branch, asks a question at Whitetail Weekend in Georgia. Tim’s Branch contributed $1,000 to help QDMA during the pandemic.

Southwest Mississippi Branch

A donation of $1,500 arrived at QDMA National Headquarters from our Southwest Mississippi Branch and will help maintain core mission work until normal operations can resume. Thank you, Southwest Mississippi!

Members of the Southwest Mississippi Branch at their recent pheasant-shoot fundraiser.

Greater Rochester Southern Tier Branch of New York

On March 14, the Greater Rochester Southern Tier Branch of New York held the last QDMA Branch banquet in the nation before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of all fundraising events through at least April 30. Branch President Bob Rose announced recently they are donating $6,238 of their own Branch proceeds from that event to the QDMA National Organization.

Bob Rose (right), President of New York’s Greater Rochester Southern Tier Branch of QDMA, poses with Ryan Hancy and Ryan’s first-ever buck, which he took on a Field to Fork hunt with the Branch.

“There is no telling how long this will hang on, but we all need to do whatever we can to assure that QDMA National and all Branches come out the other side of this able to carry on,” said Branch President Bob Rose. “We hope that it helps.”

Delaware Branch and State Chapter

The Delaware State Chapter led by President Chip West and the Delaware Branch led by President Scott Hudson recently announced their intention to donate 25% of State Chapter and Branch funds back to the QDMA National Organization to assist during the crisis, a donation of $2,000.

Delaware State Chapter President Chip West (left) and State Chapter member Ron Haas (center) visit with QDMA founder Joe Hamilton.

State Advisory Council of South Carolina

Recently, the State Advisory Council of South Carolina held successful fundraising efforts including a statewide raffle to generate funds for whitetail conservation. In March, President David Galloway and Treasurer John Stillwell announced a donation of $4,300 from the state account to the National Organization.

Members of the South Carolina State Advisory Council of QDMA at a past meeting.

The staff and Board of QDMA wish to thank these Branches for their generous and timely assistance at this time of national crisis. We also wish to thank all QDMA members and supporters who have made donations, renewed memberships, taken a QDMA online course, or in other ways assisted QDMA according to their means. We will not forget this show of support, and we will work all the harder to ensure the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage.

Thank you!

Lindsay Thomas Jr., Director of Communications