QDMA Withdraws From Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

January 23 – The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) today withdrew its support from Reed Exhibitions’ Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania. The decision to withdraw support came after Reed Exhibitions declined to reconsider its stance on displaying AR-style rifles at the 2013 show.

“Until yesterday afternoon, we remained hopeful that Reed Exhibitions would reconsider its position,” said Brian Murphy, CEO of QDMA. “This opportunity disappeared yesterday when Reed defiantly refused to change its position or compromise in any way. This action resulted in QDMA and many additional organizations and exhibitors withdrawing their support.”

In a letter to leaders of QDMA’s Pennsylvania State Chapter, Murphy also discussed the difficulty of this decision, given the potential impact on many businesses that exhibit at the annual show and the hunters who attend.
“While we firmly believe the hunting and firearm communities must remain united in this effort, we are deeply concerned about the hundreds of businesses, especially small ones, that rely on this show as a major source of income,” said Murphy. “As such, we encourage all hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts to actively support all companies in our industry, including those attending the show. The worst possible outcome is one that punishes many within our own industry while trying to make a point with Reed Exhibitions – a company that fails to recognize the power and unity of those who support the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

Just as white-tailed deer are the foundation and backbone of the North American hunting industry, the Second Amendment guarantee of gun ownership is essential to the  future of the hunting tradition. On behalf of our members, volunteers, staff and supporters, QDMA stands with all in the hunting industry who defend the right to keep and bear arms.

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by Lindsay Thomas Jr.
on January 23, 2013