Northeast Michigan Branch Works Hunters Round Up

On October 27, members of the Northeast Michigan Branch worked at the Hunters Round Up hosted by the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hubbard Lake Michigan. Hunters Round Up is an annual event featuring many local booths, a silent auction and a live auction of deer blinds built by local groups and then donated for fundraising. A total of five churches participated and more than 500 people attended the event, which also included grunt calling activities, a hunting attire fashion show and the Center Shot Archery team, who set up an area for young archers to learn archery safety and to practice their bow-shooting skills.

Northeast Michigan branch members, including Irv and Vicky Timm and Joe and Cassie Miller, as well as Great Lakes regional director Bob DuCharme, hosted a large tent and talked to many attendees about land management, deer management, QDM Cooperatives and aging deer. Branch president Irv Timm also held a seminar teaching hunters about pulling jawbones, how to age deer and the importance of collecting data from harvested animals.