Northeast Michigan Branch Hosts Buck Pole

The Northeast Michigan Branch (NEMI) held their annual “buck pole” at Hubbard lake Michigan starting on the opening day of Gun season (November 15th) and continued to run it though Saturday November 19 – four days long! This event was a great success and showcased the big change occurring in the region over the last five years. 

Through the work and planning of Branch treasurer Jeremy Hahn (Hubbard Lake Restaurant owner) and his brother Jason, the NEMI Branch held this event between their two businesses on the north end of Hubbard Lake. This year more than 60 deer were hung on the buck pole. Hunters wanting to enter their deer, bucks and does, in the Buck Pole contest were invited to bring them, have them weighed, antlers measured and some data collected by Irvin and Vicky Timm. Irvin is the President of the NEMI Branch. Other Branch volunteers talked to the hunters as well as handed out information about the QDMA. QDMA Regional Director Bob DuCharme was present on Friday evening and pulled jawbones, aged deer and continued to collect more data to be used by the Branch and the Michigan DNR in the future.

 This was a very unique event as the Branch had not only a contest and raffle, but also a huge bonfire with a live band that went into the late night each evening. Late Friday they lit the charcoal under a 300-lb hog that cooked all night and into Saturday afternoon. The hog supplied free food to anyone who wanted to come to look at the great deer hanging on their pole and talk deer hunting. This event drew over 250 people during the day Saturday that lead up to the conclusion of the event with the drawing of contest winners. The biggest difference this year was that very few yearling deer were hung as in years past. Most of the bucks were 2½ or 3½ years of age with one being estimated at over 5½ years and measuring 152 inches. What a progressive change for this area!

The NEMI Branch also holds other buck poles in the area and has worked hard to promote QDM Cooperatives in the region, contributing to the success of QDM. Next year the NEMI Branch promises to continue to hold a bigger and better event. If that is true, it will be one that everyone will want to attend!

by Tanner Tedeschi
on November 15, 2011