New York’s Upper Hudson River Valley Branch Continues Outreach Efforts

The Upper Hudson River Valley (UHRV) Branch of New York has remained very active with its outreach efforts in the region. This past fall, the Branch supported several local QDM Cooperatives. The Branch presented new board member Dave Collins with a check station package to help start a new Cooperative he has organized, and the Otter Creek QDM Cooperative is now one of the largest Cooperatives in the area, consisting of 52 landowners, 95 hunters and 4,710 acres. UHRV vice president Ray Purdy also attended four Cooperative meetings, where he emphasized the importance of QDMA membership, educational efforts and Branch support.

The UHRV Branch’s outreach efforts also include educating and supporting youth. In early October, the Branch hosted QDMA’s Certification Programs Manager Matt Ross for a seminar on Mature Buck Movement at the Schuylerville School. Additionally, the Branch hosted a Youth Training Day for youth firearms hunters. At this even, 14- and 15-year-old hunters learned about QDMA, anatomy and shot placement, and had the opportunity to put their skills to the test on the range. The Branch also purchased blinds to use during youth hunts, and the blinds are loaned out upon request. Youth hunters that needed a mentor were partnered with QDMA members.

Last summer, the UHRV Branch hosted a habitat tour for the New York State Outdoor Writers Association, and as a direct result of that event, two articles promoting QDMA and QDM Cooperatives were published in the fall of 2013. One article was published in The Chronicle, a weekly Glen Falls paper, and the second article was printed in the Lake Ontario Outdoors magazine.