Quality Deer Management

Leading Other Hunters to QDM

One November, my brother, Rans, showed me a video clip he filmed while bowhunting a small, suburban tract in Georgia. The clip included several minutes of footage of a nice 9-pointer working a scrape and sniffing around the area, all within bow range. We watched the video together and discussed the buck’s age. My brother …

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OMG! Another BBD

Most Internet abbreviations are good for all seasons, but for the next several months we should at least see fewer BBDs. That’s “big buck down” for those not up on the latest e-jargon. Not everyone is a social media fan, but I enjoy using Facebook, both personally and to help promote QDMA. If you use …

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How to Establish a QDM Cooperative

“We would love to participate in a deer management program on our property, but those dirtbags across the fence shoot everything that moves. So, what’s the point?” Sound familiar? I’ve heard this countless times over the years while working with hunting clubs. On several occasions, I’ve also had the chance to speak with those hunters …

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