Shed Antlers and Muddy Paws

You fall into one of these categories: You’ve heard of them, you’re interested in owning one, or you already have one. What am I talking about? Is it a new rifle or bow for deer hunting? Or maybe a chainsaw or drip torch for improving deer habitat? All of these are definitely important management tools, but …

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VIDEO: Put the Real Trophy on Display — The Jawbone

Antler size varies for bucks in every age class, so antlers don’t always tell the full story of your accomplishment when you kill a buck that is fully mature or meets your personal age-based goal. To show the complete achievement of your success, include the jawbone with your wall display.

Top-5 Factors Causing Deer Population Declines

Hunters throughout the whitetail’s range are complaining of declining deer populations. Not all hunters, of course, but enough to draw newspaper headlines, DNR deer management plan audits, and legislation aimed at growing deer herds. Are these declines real, and if so, what are the driving factors? We can look at current antlered buck harvests and compare …

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Who Controls Your Fawn Supply?

In the classic Clint Eastwood movie Pale Rider, prospectors fall on hard times when an evil industrialist chokes the flow of creekwater that allows them to pan for gold. Luckily, the “Preacher” is handy with pistols. The prospectors aren’t forced to dry-pan or migrate, as they had feared. Where am I going with this? You …

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Have We Killed Too Many Does?

With all the recent hubbub in the general outdoor media about deer harvests being down, as well as within the pages of the newly released 2015 QDMA Whitetail Report, I’m confident there are literally thousands of deer hunters out there right now asking this very question: “Have we killed too many does?” This query is …

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