Hunting Lease Network Renews Corporate Partnership with QDMA

QDMA is pleased to announce that the Hunting Lease Network has renewed its corporate partnership with QDMA for 2018.

“The Hunting Lease Network is excited to continue our ongoing relationship with QDMA. We believe both organizations share the value and benefits of learning more on land stewardship, and how to share and implement these practices with landowners and hunters,” said Troy Langan of Hunting Lease Network. “We are excited to enroll all of our Hunting Lease Consultants through the QDMA Deer Steward course. The information learned will, without a doubt, help create a true game plan for adding hunting leases to a property with the proper synergy between landowners, hunters and wildlife.”

The Hunting Lease Network focuses on its goal to bring landowners and sportsmen together through quality hunting property. Hunters can join the network with a free membership that allows them to search available hunting leases and view all listings. Potential lessees have the ability to inspect the properties before bidding. Leases are currently available in 23 states.

Landowners involved in the program have peace of mind knowing who is hunting their property while simultaneously minimizing trespassers and poachers. Hunting liability insurance is also required before any activities take place on the property.

“We fully support their motto, ‘Bringing Landowners and Sportsmen Together’ and are honored that we are continuing a mutually beneficial partnership,” said Steve Levi, QDMA Director of Corporate Relations.

“Hunting Lease Network has provided hunters with the opportunity to lease great properties for years. Exclusive hunting rights, the ability to renew leases from year to year and a unique auction style format are just a few of the benefits that hunters appreciate.”

For more information about the Hunting Lease Network, visit their website at