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7 Ways to Start Young Bowhunters Right

Recently, bowhunter Mandy Hulett asked me if her young son Evan’s archery equipment was adequate for killing deer. She lives in a state where there is no minimum age limit for hunting, so it falls on the parents to decide when their children are ready to hunt. Most states have minimum bow draw-weights for deer …

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QDMA’s Guide to the Whitetail Rut

The whitetail rut is the most exciting time of the season for deer hunters, and it’s also a time when QDMA receives a lot of questions about this important season in the whitetail’s year. Many of the answers are found here on, and we’ve compiled this guide to help you find them quickly. Simply …

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Practice Treestand Safety from Ground-to-Ground

Editor’s Note: Falls from a treestand can happen at any time after you leave the ground. No matter what type of treestand you are hunting from, every hunter should practice treestand safety by wearing a safety harness with a lifeline from the time they leave the ground until they return. This lesson is one that …

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10 Tips on Asking For Permission to Hunt

Hunter access was identified as one of the largest issues impacting the future of hunting at the 2013 North American Whitetail Summit. East of the Rocky Mountains, most hunting occurs on private land, and this is especially true in states like Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas where 97 to 98 percent of the land …

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