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Stay in Your Comfort Zone

We are often told to get out of our “comfort zone” to make progress in life, but there are also times when we really need to stay in it. Bowhunting is one of those times. What I’m talking about is knowing your limits, and your equipment’s limits, and not shooting at deer beyond them. As …

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Finding a Quality Hunting Lease

I think most deer hunters would agree it’s much more difficult to gain access to good, private hunting land today than it was 20 years ago. What could once be handled with a knock on a door and a handshake has now become a much more complicated process. As a result, many deer hunters are turning …

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Three Questions Every Deer Forage Expert Asks

Follow Matt on Instagram. Finding evidence that deer are in a general area is a good thing for hunters, but finding evidence that deer are feeding in that area is even better. Deer are driven by few things in life, and perhaps the most influential is the need to eat on a daily basis to …

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5 Red-Hot Rut Stands for Pressured Deer

Most of the places I hunt are either public land or small, heavily pressured pockets of private land. Mature bucks (3½ to 4½ years old and older) aren’t making many daylight appearances in these areas — even during the rut. And when they do, it’s generally not going to be in the middle of a …

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8 Tips for Beating Buck Fever

I can’t speak for you, but buck fever is one of the reasons I go deer hunting. Of course, the main reason we go is to bring home nourishing food for our families. But we also like the thrill of seeing — and shooting — big bucks. It’s part of the experience. And the adrenaline …

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