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Want to become a deer hunter? QDMA is committed to helping you, or people you know, get started. You’ll find plenty of information here, and soon we will release our new e-book, QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting.

To Kill Mature Bucks, Reveal the Wind

Wind is the most overlooked detail in hunting mature bucks. I’m not just talking about wind direction, although that’s very important. Wind gets way more complicated than that. The more you know and understand about the wind, and more importantly a whitetail’s nose, the more successful you will be. When I was young I read …

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Improve Your Bow Skills with this Practice Technique

Do you like to bow hunt? Me too. I enjoy everything about archery hunting; the challenge, early seasons, close-range encounters with deer, and the preparation. I believe every hunter should be extremely proficient with the weapon they go afield with, so I shoot my bow a lot. My Big Green Target is full of holes, …

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How to Field-Dress a Deer

Sportsmanship includes the responsible care and use of meat obtained while hunting. An important step toward placing quality venison on your dinner table is proper care of the animal immediately following harvest. To help with that endeavor, here is a step-by-step pictorial guide to field-dressing a white-tailed deer. Some hunters have a meat pole or …

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Know Your Rifle’s Limits

My friend John came to see me one Saturday to show me the gun he had just inherited from his Uncle Joe. It was a nice old Winchester Model 94 chambered for 30-30. John told me his Uncle must have killed 100 deer with that gun, so naturally he was very excited to own it. …

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How to Blood-Trail a Deer

You have worked hard on your land all season long preparing food plots, hanging stands and clearing trails. Finally, the season has arrived and the moment of truth has just walked into your luscious food plot. Taking careful aim at the large doe, you imagine how good the meat will taste and also that you …

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