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The Payoff of Passing Young Bucks

As the buck edged along the creek, I tried to get a better glimpse of him. I had yet to see his body well enough to put an age on him. He turned toward me, thrashing a small sapling. I decided to call him over for a better look. Five or six years ago, I …

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15 Rewards of Becoming a Deer Hunter

Growing numbers of Americans today are interested in becoming deer hunters but lack family members or friends who can teach them how. Whether they want to be self-sufficient in providing their own food, more fully enjoy the outdoors, or have other motivations, most of them do not come from traditional hunting backgrounds. Our e-book, QDMA’s Guide to …

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5 Steps to Better Public Land Deer Hunting

Let’s face it. Not all of us have access to high-quality, low-pressure, private hunting land. In fact, for many of us — myself included — it is public land where we spend the majority of our time in pursuit of white-tailed deer. For some it is a decision made for the challenge and freedom that …

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Keeping Trail-Cameras Safe on Public Land

It seems not a day goes by where I don’t hear of someone getting some piece of hunting equipment stolen. More times than not, it’s a treestand or trail-camera. Keeping your gear safe from thieves can be a challenge regardless of where you hunt, but public land hunters like myself have to be extra cautious. …

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White-tailed Deer Shot Placement [Video]

White-tailed Deer Shot PlacementQDMA’s Kip Adams explains the safest and most effective place to shoot a white-tailed deer whether you are hunting with a bow or a firearm. Posted by The Quality Deer Management Association on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Shot placement on a white-tailed deer is critical. Your ultimate goal as a hunter is …

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