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Treestand Accidents: Can We Stop the Insanity?

Can we stop the insanity? Can we just get through one deer season without a family having to bury a loved one who fell from their deer stand? Yes, deer hunting is our passion, but is it worth risking permanent injury or death? The vast majority of deer hunting injuries and deaths involve treestand falls, …

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Is Your Body Ready for Deer Season? Test It and See.

From falls while walking in the woods to shoulder injuries from dragging deer back to camp, physical therapists like myself tend to see a surge of hunting-related injuries in the weeks after deer season opens. As a hunter myself, I hate to see this, because in many cases an ounce of pre-season prevention can help …

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Tips for Bowhunting at Ground Level

If you’re a deer hunter, there is no doubt you have felt the rush of adrenaline when a deer is spotted heading your way. The feeling you get as you reach for your weapon and ready for the shot; your target unaware of the ambush waiting from above. Now can you imagine the rush you …

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How to Hunt Deer With Less Gear

As hunters, we tend to make hunting more complicated than it has to be. For hundreds of years, deer hunters got by with just a bow, some arrows in their quiver and a good, sharp knife. That’s all they needed to put fresh venison on the table. Fast forward to 2019, and many of us …

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The Trick to Finding Quality Public Hunting Land

Let’s face it. Not all of us have access to high-quality, low-pressure, private hunting land. In fact, for many of us — myself included — public land is where we spend the majority of our time in pursuit of white-tailed deer. For some it is a decision made for the challenge and freedom that hunting …

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