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Raising Little Hunters

Sometimes I’m grateful I don’t have little kids today. It seems much harder to raise them than when mine were growing up. I do have four grandchildren that my wife and I are blessed to be around a lot, and we’ve learned it’s hard to compete with all the activities and tools they have today. …

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How to Access Your Deer Stand Undetected

“Location, location, location” might be your motto when it comes to placing deer stands, and location is certainly important to your deer hunting success. In fact, I think many deer hunters focus so much on stand location that they fail to think about how they will enter and exit a stand undetected. I firmly believe …

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Will the Rut Be Early This Year?

Every year about this time, questions and concerns about the rut start popping up on social media. “Will the rut be early this year?” “Think this cold snap will get the deer rutting?” “I hope this warm spell doesn’t shut the rut down.” “Are we going to have another trickle rut this year?” It’s understandable …

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The Why and How of Mock Scrapes

Virtually every hunter I know gets excited when they see a big, active scrape. There’s just something mysterious about them that intrigues us and gets our hearts pumping a little faster. We know when we start seeing those scrapes that the most exciting part of the season is just around the corner. My love affair …

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