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Want to become a deer hunter? QDMA is committed to helping you, or people you know, get started. You’ll find plenty of information here, and you can also grab a FREE copy of our e-book, QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting. Also, be sure to check out our complete Deer Hunting 101 video series on YouTube, beginning with Episode 1 posted below!

Hunt & Gather: Venison Burger with Wild Watercress Potatoes and Dandelion Salad

In mid-to-late winter and early spring on the 38 acres Elaine and I live on, I perform many of the typical tasks QDMA members do: look for sheds of the never-seen buck that made all those huge rubs, conduct various timber stand improvement (TSI) tasks, cut firewood, and do something atypical – gather two wild …

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Oh Snap! Which Parts of Deer Antlers Break Most Often?

There are few, if any, wild game animals we know so much about as the white-tailed deer – that’s what makes it surprising when new information comes to light about this species with which we are fascinated. A large sample of shed antlers collected from my research site in south-central Alabama provided a great opportunity …

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5 Venison Recipes From QDMA’s Field to Fork Events

When Charles Evans and I created the pilot project in 2016 that would become QDMA’s Field to Fork program, we tried a novel approach for reaching non-hunting adults who might be interested in learning to hunt for food. We reserved a booth at the Athens, Georgia farmer’s market and set up an impressive spread of …

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6 Ways I’ve Changed My Deer Hunting and Habitat Tactics

I’ve been fortunate to be a wildlife biologist or researcher for the past 28 years, and a lot more than just the color of my hair and beard has changed during that time. During that time, many myths have been dispelled by researchers and numerous breakthroughs have been identified. A recent QDMA Deer Steward class …

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3 Keys to Late-Season Deer Hunting Success

It’s crunch time: the end of hunting season. You may be trying to beat the buzzer and shoot that big buck you’ve been after all year, or you might just be trying to put meat in the freezer. Either way, the late season can still produce some great hunting. You just have to know what …

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