Through Quality Deer Management, you can increase the number of adult bucks where you hunt. But older bucks may be more difficult to see and kill unless you use smart hunting strategies.

Finding Un-Pressured Deer

Density, distribution and travel patterns are things we often seek to learn about deer, but researchers from Penn State University set out to learn the density, distribution and habitat use of deer hunters. They used aerial surveys to estimate hunter use of a 114,000-acre portion of Sproul State Forest in north-central Pennsylvania. Since Pennsylvania hunters …

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Deer “Sightability” vs. Deer Density

How many times did you get asked this hunting season, “How many deer did you see?” Your answer is often followed immediately by, “Yeah the deer herd is up (or down) in my area too.” As deer density increases do we always see more deer, and do we always see fewer deer as it decreases? …

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