Through Quality Deer Management, you can increase the number of adult bucks where you hunt. But older bucks may be more difficult to see and kill unless you use smart hunting strategies.

The Power of the First Sit

First sit feature
It’s a tried and true piece of advice you hear from deer hunters throughout the country. Save your best spots until the best time of the year. Don’t go in and muck up an area. Wait until the rut. Stay out of your favorite stand until November (or whenever the rut happens to peak where …

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3 Studies, 3 Strikes for the October Lull

october lull feature
Do whitetails really go into a movement slump in the pre-rut? If not, what’s behind the “October Lull” phenomenon that many hunters say they witness? QDMA’s Kip Adams tackled these questions in a recent article in Quality Whitetails magazine. He reviewed four studies involving GPS tracking collars placed on bucks, and all four had similar …

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Five Rules for Recovering Liver-Shot Deer

liver shot feature
I settled into my stand with favorable weather conditions and plenty of optimism for an early season September bowhunt in the rolling hills of Eastern Ohio. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I heard a branch crack to the right and behind me. It was a buck sporting a symmetrical 8-point frame, most likely …

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