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Old 12-21-2008, 05:13 PM
fiveyear fiveyear is offline
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Default Poach'n

No, I'm not talkin about eggs. Got up to go to the feed store and refill the feeders today. Went down the same road I went down yesterday and there was a new deer on the side of the road. at a creek crossing. Head gone buzzards already cut nice little troughs where the back strap used to be. NOTTT!!!

The Buzzards in Fla. usually let them roast a couple days until the skin is an easy peel away. In winter in the shade the roasting would be a couple days out maybe a week. Guess it was a buck nobody wants a doe head that bad. They did butcher the back straps. Hopefully they will never be able to proudly display the antlers. I know they will probably make up some story like I've heard around campfires before.

On a lighter note I did get a pic of a 10 pt. who has been MIA since Aug. last night. 9Pt. was back, 8 pt. was back, 7 pt. was back, 6 pt. was back. couple other small racks back. Tonight will be better with Feeder Fulled up!

Good Luck getting the one you want this fall.
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Old 12-21-2008, 10:00 PM
woodsman324 woodsman324 is offline
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Either way its a dead buck but maybe someone hit it with their vehicle and salvaged what they wanted. Any bullet holes? IMO the worst poachers are the so called sportsman who fill every buck tag they can get their hands on like wives, brothers, neighbors, co-workers, etc. I bet they account for more bucks killed than the spotlight crew. I can honestly say I've never known a single person that has used a light to shoot a deer but I know a lot of the unlimited tag boys. These kind seem to get a free pass from everyone including myself as its usually a friend or family member so its tough to turn them in. I've known a lot of wives that have killed some nice bucks without ever going hunting. I wish we had to take our deer to a check station as I'm sure many of these wives would'nt want to answer any questions face to face. Most of the guys that do this seem to get off on the adulation bestowed upon them by their friends. I've heard the excuse that "OH he eats all the meat". Bull!! Who cares he's still a poacher. If he wants meat shoot doe. We get plenty of tags for them. Its hard enough to try and have a decent program on our property and I don't mind a buck getting killed by a neighbor but when you hear that he'd already shot 4 bucks(limit 2) it sucks. The same guy that goes to church every sunday and would'nt think of taking a piece of candy from the bulk bin at the store but can't let a buck walk by so he can be praised by his disciples. Sometimes I think its a sickness. Again, I'm wrong to for not turning them in but sometimes I'm not so sure the state cares that much anyhow.
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Old 12-21-2008, 10:20 PM
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We found 2 bucks dead on our leases last season. One we feel pretty sure was a 135-140 class 8 point. His head was gone but he was laying in an area only a few hundred yards from where he'd been seen last. In addition, we never saw that buck again. The other was a 145 class 9 point. We found him in the woods after the first flood waters went down.

This year I found a doe in one of our fields one morning. I could see where the SOB's had driven off the gravel out to the deer and just left her. She was still alive. No telling how long the girl had been suffering. I had a friend with me (I won't name drop) who is well known as a stone cold killer of animals. It turned both our stomachs to see this amazing animal on the ground and suffering.

I've never seen a quality hunter in my life who didn't feel for a suffering animal. Anyway, I cut her throat and upon closer inspection saw the hole left by some small caliber rifle. The shot was just a little low which must have paralyzed the old girl.

If bastards who left her would have needed a deer to feed their families, I wouldn't have minded at all. Heck, we would have shot them one, cleaned it and delivered it to them. But to shoot this deer and just leave it was lower than low.
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Old 12-22-2008, 01:03 AM
tncraig75 tncraig75 is offline
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Its people like the one’s you’re talking about that give hunters a bad name. Think about it a non-hunter is driving down the road and sees an animal with their head cut off makes honest hunters like us look like we’re out just shooting animals just for the antlers. It really makes me sick.
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