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Old 01-05-2005, 04:03 PM
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Really concerned about the habitat of our land vs our food plots. After 9 years of planting, (lime,fert,seed,rain) our plots are super. That is why this 'poor land" post is in native habitat and not the food plot forum. We eventually turned, limed, green-plowed our plots to where the our plots are golden. I now realize that HABITAT is #1. That being said, our land is rocky/gravel dirt that could be described as sand to red clay. Looking to improve the native browse and cover. Bought the book "Grow Em Right". Good info. Chainsaws are our friend now. Worried about our cuts not having results. Is soil disturbance a must? I know that seeds from years ago are laying in wait. With poor soil, will we get the results? One last thing, the experts say liming and fert will expedite the situation, but we can't enhance every portion of the cutting we plan on conducting. Have to stop the "succesion". Need to get sunlight to the ground, just wondering if you guys have soil less than desired that have tried the same cutting deal with poor results. I guess either way, have to rid our land of the bumb trees, (GUM), and give the rest of our land the chance to bloom. Sorry for the long post. Area in Central GA. Appreciate the help. DDHUNT
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