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Old 08-24-2008, 08:15 PM
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Default Word to the wise...


I know (or hope) that by now, most of us are using safety harnesses, not only in our stands but if possible on the way up and down. After what happened to me this weekend, I most definitely will use mine all the time.

I was going to move my stand to another tree for bow season. I put on my safety harness and started to climb the climbing sticks. I use a lock on at about 20ft. high. I get eye level with the stand and I grab the ratchet straps and start to loosen them, when all of a sudden I started feeling and hearing wasps or hornets buzz all around me. Before I knew it I was surrounded. In a panic, I started to swat at them as they were diving at me and of course lost my grip with the ladder and slipped. The harness did its job to the fullest and I did not move. I use a Gorilla full body harness that came with my stand. I am about 300 lbs. and it held me very tight and secure. I was hoping I would never have to test the durability of a safety harness, but after this weekend, I trust them with my life.

I just wanted to share to maybe remind everyone that even though what we do is fun, it can also be very dangerous and should be taken very seriously, so please use a safety harness if you are going to hunt from a tree. Happy hunting this year guys and gals and be safe.
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