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03-15-2006, 04:58 PM
I have sent in my soil samples. Should have the results by next week.. I know I'll be adding lime. When I mentioned it to the guy at Lakeside Seed.. he looked at me said 35/ton. ( Canadian Prices so there a little higher than yours) then asked how I was going to get it back into the woods.. I have read about guys using buggies to get it back there.. I'm crossing two creeks, and lots of wet low areas.. Should I just bring it back in 5gal pails and spread it by hand, or wirly spreader.. I know that this stuff is heavy and thick ( cement powder ). So what would be the preferred method of getting it on the ground.. and In southern Ontario.. Should I wait till the spring rains are done.. will it wash away.. or can I broadcast as soon as the snow is off the ground..
Thanks Guys for the support.

03-15-2006, 05:43 PM
Dont panic yet but 5 gallon pales will take about 30-50 pounds so divide that number into 2000 and you will need about 40-65 pales per ton of lime. I am not sure how many acres you are liming or how many tons per acre of lime you need but I think you will humping buckets for a long time if you use that method. I would suggest a lime bulk lime spreader which can run between $500 to $1000 US but if you add the number of hours you will be doing it by bucket I think it would pay for itself. You will still have to load the spreaders but it seems to be a lot better way of doing it and those type spreaders should be able to navigate the terrain you mentioned. Look at local farm equipment store for used drop spreader or online for a new one. Here is link for one on ebay that is 12 ft wide

http://cgi.ebay.com/John-Deere-drop-spreader-excellent-condition_W0QQitemZ7577807575QQcategoryZ66884QQcmd ZViewItem