View Full Version : ohio early muzzleloader wildcat hollow area question

09-27-2010, 03:32 PM
anyone ever been there and seen what its like . A group of 4 or five was looking to make a small hunting trip . we thought about salt fork since its the closest place for all of us but heard its over run with guys the hole season of early muzzleloader so we thought lets get away. does any one know if you can small game hunt down there thought about taking a trip down to scout and try to get some bushy tails. we were thinking about going down wed night and staying at bur oak state camp ground hunt thur and fri . It looks like the camp ground is 20 mins or so from the wildcat hollow . another question I have is it says you have to have the written permision of the land owner to hunt there property I understand that but is it well marked out down there so you dont walk on private property and also is there a lot of public land to hunt the map makes it look like most is private land. thanks for all the help guys