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07-26-2010, 08:45 PM
I have several plots in brassicas this year. All plots were well disced, cultipacked, broadcasted at the appropriate rate, and double cultipacked again before a rain. Like most areas in the Midwest, the rain has been atypically heavy this year and my new seedings have seen a lot of rain this year. I have excellent germination. :D Unfortunately, the hoped for steady rain was really a downpour and my broadcasted new seeding is now no longer evenly distributed. All low-lying areas are now significantly overseeded and higher areas are now underseeded. . .obviously, there is a transition from high to low. Its easy to fix underseeded, but how do I fix the overseeded?

What is the best way to thin a brassica stand? I'm in the process of rebuilding a cultivator. Saw a post today and thinking of thinning the plot in the low areas with the cultivator. . .maybe drop a few arms. Is there another way? Has anyone tried to thin brassicas in this situation? I've heard of people thinning broadcasted soybeans, but don't know how they went about doing it.

07-26-2010, 08:53 PM
Shouldn't take much (in way of equipment to thin them)

Definately no need to engage the ground all that deeply.

The wider of an implement you have, the less issue you'll have with your tires. I would do your work when the ground dries however.

An atv would be ideal in terms of ground pressure and disturbance from tires, but who has a wide cultivator to go with their atv?