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07-14-2010, 11:12 AM
I have 1/2 acre that I plant each fall (sept 1), the purpose of the plot is mainly attraction for bow hunting. For 3 years now I have planted a mix that includes the following: clover, ww, oats, winter peas, and turnips. The deer really like it especially the years the acorn crop is low. I love the brassicas for late season but I think its time to give this plot a break from the brassicas. My question is what can take the place of brassica for late season? Would adding winter rye do the trick? Suggestions are greatly appreciated Thanks, Kyle

07-14-2010, 11:33 AM

Have you tried planting brassicas separate from the small grain mix?

A simple 50;50 mix of dwarf essex rape;purple top turnips (both should be locally available) planted in early to mid-August with 60-90 lb N/ac make for a dynamite plot in Dec and Jan. They will also hit this in Oct and Nov. Plant half of the plot in this manner and make sure soil is moist with rain coming. Sow the mix at 10 lb per ac.

Plant your small grain mix in the first half of Sept in other half of plot. We've found that cinnamon red clover and crimson clover will provide attraction from late Oct through the next summer. Mix 2/3rds red clover;1/3rd crimson and plant at 20 lb/ac. For the small grains, mix 75% rye and 25% oats and plant at 150-200 lb per ac. Plant the peas at 10-40 lb per ac.

We've found this works really well down there for plots of that size and you simply rotate the planting the next year (ie plant brassica where the clover is). For 0.25ac plots, we simply rotate on an annual basis.

Give it a shot, you should be well pleased! ;)

BTW...corn and beans over by the nav channel look good this year! :)

07-15-2010, 08:24 AM
Thanks dgallow, I will give this a try come Sept. Yes the crops are looking good, I was a little worried in June but so far July has made up for it.