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04-06-2009, 06:51 AM
I am very new to the Food Plots. I am planning on putting in a few small food plots, 20 x 20. I plan was to use Secret Spot and mix in turnips and maybe some clover. I am located in Frederick, MD. I dont have access to any equipment, so it will be all just plain old hardwork. I am looking to plant in the late summer Aug/Sept. Any suggetions or advise would be great. Also any recommendations on where to buy everything would also help. Thanks for all the help.

04-06-2009, 07:45 AM
sounds like you are wanting to make a hunting plot? The clover and turnips are good late season. Take some soil sample so you will know how much lime and fertilizer to use. That size plot can be done using only hand tools. If you can find one a fire rake is very useful. You can buy them from Ben Medows or Forestry Suppliers. Also a good round point shovel and Hoe . You can use the Earthway bag spreader to broad cast lime, fertlizer and seed. Good luck on your plots.

Tioga Tines
04-06-2009, 08:40 AM
20 x 20 is a fairly small plot, as I am sure you know. Start by doing a soil test on each plot, as posted above. The report will tell you exactly what each needs regarding lime and fertilizer.
When you are ready to start:
Mow the area then wait a week for growth to start. Spray with RoundUp. You can easily do a 20x20 plot with a 1 or 2 gallon hand sprayer. Wait 2 weeks for the Roundup to work.
Then use a string trimmer (weed wacker) to mow it down to the dirt. Rake off clippings.
Use a roto-tiller to till the ground (these can be rented).
Rake smooth, broadcast seed, tamp firm.
This will get you growing.
The next matter will be how to keep the deer out, until the plot is established. Good luck!

04-06-2009, 07:56 PM
i did the same thing as you last year. Here is what i did.

Well i had the 15x30 foot plot worked up in the spring as i planted some Throw and Grow from evovled harvest.

I just mowed it, raked it and kept tilling it (picking damn rocks) and tilling it. Then i added 100 lbs of lime and worked that in some more. Then tilled in some 13-13-13 fertilzer and planted secert spot (along with some whitetail institute sample pack of winter greens and No Plow).

Stuff turned out great, bright green and the deer hit it pretty good in september(planted in august). They messed wtih it a little in winter, but the brassicas from the Throw and Grow i left around the edges of the plot and them were eaten down to the ground, amazed me. Had a trail camera set up over it and seeing one deer eating on it was worth my investment. Seeing some bucks messing around in there was icing on the cake!

Ya a soil test is a "good idea", but i didnt do one and it turned out good. We are planting such a small area and , you ,probably like me are on a budget and just experimenting.

I live on a big farm and have every tool /machine avaiable basically but choose to do food ploting with a garden rototiller. :)

If i was to get into a bigger plot, i would do a soil test, but for now my deer garden is doing great and easy to manage and afford and a good learning exerience. It is addicting i tell you that!!! My problem is i am trying to do so much in a small area. But I am just learning and experimenting.

I found some of my stuff at Farm and Fleet and local feed stores . Some hardware stores will have lime/ fertilizer.

A hand seeder- I picked up a Scott brand one at walmart for 10$. It has a spot for your arm to go through and it pretty nice.

Other seeders you can get at a place like Sears. I have a cheapo plastic broadcast seeder and a just got a Drop seeder on sale for 15$.

or you can rent a tiller at home depot i think, i know my brother did for his yard work . I would check the phone book out for some rent a center places.

Many different ways you can go about it. :)

good luck.
This is the best forum to be on for learning about food plotting. I learned everything i know about food plotting from here. Just spend a weekend searching through posts and what not and you will learn more then you can imagine.

04-06-2009, 08:13 PM
I put out a small plot of white clover 40 x 120 I had no way to keep the deeer out of it and they kept it ate down the first year. I put a few more small plots on the same farm to give it a break and they have done well.

I have put real small plots in more timbered areas and had no luck with them at all.