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Tar Heel
09-11-2008, 04:39 PM
never planted rye or any other grains before but was considering planting rye and some wheat in a shaded wooded area for some late season deer attraction. I was planning on scratching up the soil and broadcasting the seed... but heavily overseeding the area since I have no way of getting back there and tilling up the soil.

I wanted to go ahead and plant some here in NC but am worried that I might be a little early...my questions is if I plant the rye and wheat can you trim it to promote new growth if it looks like it is maturing too quickly? ...or should I just plant some now and then wait and plant some more in October to have different stages of growth?

probably a stupid question but I am new to this...


09-11-2008, 05:02 PM
Rye will need sunlight to grow. So I would suggest waiting until the leaves are down before planting.

I've put oats in spinner type feeders in late winter a couple of times before taking thems down and had some nice round circles of green come early spring. Leaf clean up, tilling, and cultipacking compliments of the turkey and deer.:D If your game laws permit you might want to try it in the fall.

09-11-2008, 06:08 PM
probably a stupid question but I am new to this...

No such thing! That's what this forum is all about!:)

In the mid-west and northern areas very late August to early September is perfect for plant rye and wheat. Early Sept. being the norm...

Our frosts typically come in late Sept to mid October which doesn't harm winter rye and wheat but it just gives you a rough idea of time frame.

If your frost isn't until mid November for instance them perhaps early October would be best.

You can clip it but you have to keep it from getting to tall or it will be rank and cutting it will just leave stems rather then leaves.

Rye will grow in shade (kinda) just don't expect too much. Get it thru the dead grass mulch and get some water on it and it will grow.

Nuke it with roundup and get the dead leaf cover out of there but the dead grass won't bother much.

Good luck!:)