View Full Version : Pennington Deer and Wildlife Seed Mixture at Sam's

08-10-2007, 03:54 PM
If you see this http://www.penningtonseed.com/section/wild_game_02.asp?type=products&id=741 at your local Sam's and think "$17.xx, good deal, I'm getting some!" Pay attention to the little green tag. It is NOT what is on the website. Just picked up a sack. It's 75% wheat, 15% (elbon) rye, and 8% red clover. I called Pennington's to make sure and he said, and I quote "Yep, you got a cheaper mix."
Oh well, it'll go in the ground anyway, but there are better (for me) similarly priced mixes. :rolleyes:
Buyer beware.
But I did get a nice fleece camo jacket for $19. :o