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Help Keep the Home Fires Burning – by Joe Hamilton

There have been a couple of monumental changes in my life recently. I became a grandfather on August 15, 2011, and my title with QDMA changed to Director of Development in January, 2012. My message to you is influenced by each of my new titles.

Grandfathering is an absolute pleasure. (That's me with my grandson, Baines Hamilton Pierce, in the photo above). My work in “development” is a pleasure as well, and relates to all of the ways of securing financial support for the organization I founded in 1988.

QDMA has flourished over the years for one reason: you. QDMA is the premier whitetail organization in North America, and you have brought us to this point through your continuous requests for more education and your financial support. We will continue to grow in services and membership as long as we keep the home fires burning. 

We have made it as easy as possible for you to support QDMA. Below are suggested ways to get more involved and methods to contact us. Together, we can support QDMA’s mission: To ensure the future of the white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage.

Remember, the future of the whitetail is our future, too! Please consider fulfilling the role as a donor by contributing to QDMA. Your support will be greatly appreciated and used wisely to further our mission.

Suggested Ways You Can Support QDMA

• Make a donation to QDMA in memory or honor of a relative, close friend, or fellow QDMA member.

• Become a Life Member of QDMA.

• Be an active Branch member by attending all activities.

• Attend our next National Convention (May 8-9, 2015, in Louisville, Kentucky).

• Attend QDMA’s Deer Steward Certification courses.

• Join QDMA’s Land Certification Program.

• Provide gift memberships to family, fellow hunters and neighbors.

• Involve your children or grandchildren in the Rack Pack. (Joe Hamilton's grandson, Baines Hamilton Pierce, shown in the photo with Joe above, is QDMA's youngest Life Member, and QDMA's Rack Pack will have a new member as well when Baines is old enough)

• Donate directly through PayPal using the button below.

• Call our toll-free number to donate by credit card: 800-209-3337

• Send a personal check to our National Headquarters: P.O. Box 160, Bogart, GA, 30622

• Include QDMA in your will, or participate in a variety of other Planned Giving categories. For more information, contact Joe Hamilton, Director of Development.

QDMA's mission is to ensure the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat, and our hunting heritage. We pursue that mission through achievements in Research, Education, Advocacy, Certification, and Hunting Heritage. You can learn more about our activities and accomplishments in each of these areas in the QDMA in Action menu. By supporting QDMA, you directly enable our mission. QDMA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations to QDMA are deductible by the donor as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. All donors are recognized annually. Your support is greatly appreciated!