QDMA in Action

QDMA's mission is organized into five areas of action, represented by the acronym REACH. These programs benefit hunters, landowners and deer managers in several ways and specifically address all of QDMA's core mission elements:

Research – Fund whitetail research projects related to Quality Deer Management.

Educate – Expand educational activities for QDMA members and the general public.

Advocate – Increase the QDMA's involvement in whitetail hunting and management issues.

Certify – QDMA's individual and property QDM certification programs.

Hunting Heritage – QDMA's Youth Education & Outreach program.


For more information on the QDMA REACH Program, contact Kip Adams, QDMA Director of Education & Outreach, or call QDMA National Headquarters at 800-209-3337.