QDMA Individual and Land Certification

Deer Steward

The Deer Steward program is a personal educational experience designed to offer  landowners, hunters and natural resource professionals an opportunity to learn from the nations top experts about QDM. At the end of this training, attendees can write and implement their very own property-specific deer management plan. The QDMA is currently holding the 2013 Deer Steward certification courses, and as it stands now, more than 800 people have participated since it began in 2007. To read more about the Deer Steward program, CLICK HERE.

Land Certification

The Land Certification Program (LCP) is a multi-level, voluntary process which will evaluate and certify one or more properties against an established list of QDM standards.

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If you have questions regarding Deer Steward or Land Certification Inspector course availability or registration, please contact the QDMA National Office at 800-209-3337.

If you have questions regarding the Certification program in general, please contact

Matt Ross
QDMA Certification Programs Manager
Phone: 518-391-8414

For more information on the REACH Program:

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