QDMA’s National Office Staff
Brian Murphy, Chief Executive Officer
John Eastman, Senior Director of Operations

Lindsay Thomas Jr., Director of Communications; Editor, Quality Whitetails (Follow Lindsay on Twitter and Instagram)
Brian Grossman, Communications Manager (Follow Brian on Twitter and Instagram)
Cindy Compton, Art & Design Manager
Laura Colquitt, Graphic Designer
Zack Whitwell, Advertising Coordinator

Membership Services
Steve Levi, Director of Membership, Marketing & Corporate Relations
Linda Walls, Senior Customer Support Representative
Chelsy Giles, Customer Service Representative
Rebecca Kilby, Customer Service Representative
Sherri Marsh, Customer Service Representative
Connie Popov, Customer Service Representative

Kip Adams, Director of Conservation (Follow Kip on Instagram)
Matt Ross, Assistant Director of Conservation (Follow Matt on Instagram)
Hank Forester, Hunting Heritage Programs Manager
Alex Foster, Wildlife Management Cooperative Specialist (northern Missouri)
Brian Towe, Wildlife Management Cooperative Specialist (southern Missouri)
Morgan Warda, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator (Michigan)
Tim Russell, Young Forest Specialist
Joe Hamilton, Founder & Senior Advisor

April Robertson, Accounting Manager
Melissa Hensley, Accounting Specialist

Human Resources

Trey Fountain, Product Manager

Mark Campbell, Shipping/Receiving Coordinator
Lawrence Bell, Shipping Clerk/Warehouse

Field Operations
Genice Foster, Field Operations Coordinator
Heather Meaker, Events and Field Operations Manager
Hunter Pruitt, Support Service Coordinator

Ryan Furrer, Senior Regional Director and Field Supervisor
Rick Counts, Regional Director, Region 5 (NC, SC, VA)
Mike Edwards, Regional Director, Region 1 (CT, MA, ME, NY, NH, RI, VT)
Josh Hillyard, Regional Director, Region 3 (IN, MI, OH)
James Lanier, Regional Director, Region 4 (MN, ND, SD, WI)
Justin Lawson, Regional Director, Region 7 (AR, KY, MO, TN)  (Follow Justin on Twitter)
Coming Soon!, Regional Director, Region 8 (IL, IA, KS, MO, NE)
Steve Long, Regional Director, Region 10 (AL, MS)
Corey Slater, Regional Director, Region 2 (MD, NJ, OH, PA, WV)
A.B. Smith, Regional Director, Region 6 (FL, GA)
J.B. Wynn, Regional Director, Region 9 (LA, OK, TX)
Rob Argue, Operations and Outreach Coordinator, Canada

QDMA’s National Board of Directors

  • Chairman – Leon Hank– Lansing, MI
  • Vice-Chairman – Nicole Garris, SC
  • Chris Asplundh Jr., PA
  • Melissa Bachman, MN
  • Louis Batson III –  SC
  • Rick Dahl, MO
  • Arthur Dick, NC
  • Roland Dugas, LA
  • Kevin Gillespie, MI
  • Dave Guynn, SC
  • Hugh Sosebee Jr., GA
  • Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland, MS

QDMA’s Board of Directors, Canada

  • Keith Beasley – Ontario
  • Tom Brooke – Ontario
  • John Cristinziani – Quebec
  • Brent Crooks – Quebec
  • Paul Plantinga – Michigan
  • Fred Zink – Ohio