About Us

Founded in 1988, the QDMA has more than 60,000 members in all 50 states and several foreign countries. Since the beginning, QDMA has worked to educate its members and all deer hunters about the benefits of the Quality Deer Management (QDM) philosophy. This effort – aided by the support of numerous member-volunteers, corporate sponsors, and other QDM advocates – has rapidly increased awareness and implementation of QDM throughout North America, resulting in healthier, more balanced deer populations and more rewarding hunting experiences.

As it grew in membership and influence, QDMA also began working to secure a sustainable future for wild white-tailed deer through practical research and by advocating for wise policy and regulation that will protect our hunting heritage. Additionally, QDMA works to attract, assist, educate and guide young and new hunters to ensure they become tomorrow’s stewards of whitetails and all wildlife.

QDMA Promotes:

  • Safe and ethical hunting.
  • Adherence to wildlife and trespass laws.
  • Appropriate harvests of adult does where needed.
  • Education of hunters and non-hunters toward a better understanding of wildlife management.
  • Hunter involvement in education and management.
  • Cooperation with wildlife biologists and enforcement officers.
  • Restraint in harvesting young bucks.
  • Stewardship and appreciation of all wildlife.

Charity Navigator Rating

QDMA has received the highest possible rating, four stars, from Charity Navigator due to our efficient use of the gifts we receive. Charity Navigator is the premier independent organization in evaluating and rating charities for their transparency and efficiency in handling the gifts they receive. Learn more about 
QDMA’s Charity Navigator Rating

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