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Yes, EHD is Bad. But CWD is Worse

If you follow the QDMA on social media or keep up with the content we share on our website and in our magazine, you know that we are putting a lot of emphasis on the seriousness of chronic wasting disease (CWD). We want hunters to understand the disease and the implications it could have on …

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QDMA to Deer Hunters: We Can All #FightCWD

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) in whitetails is a complex issue surrounded by confusion, but QDMA has a simple message for deer hunters: We can all take steps right now to fight this threat to the future of deer hunting. QDMA recently launched a campaign and a hashtag, #FightCWD, to transmit science-based action items to the …

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Every Deer Hunter Can Take These Steps to Fight CWD.

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer is a serious matter. While the long-term implications are concerning to QDMA, to other wildlife conservation organizations, and to the majority of wildlife disease experts, the situation is not hopeless. Each day we learn more about this fatal disease, and this knowledge will ultimately help us find solutions that …

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3 Big CWD Facts From the International Deer Biology Congress

The 9th International Deer Biology Congress (IDBC) – which is held every four years and brings researchers and managers from around the world together to discuss and advance deer management and conservation – was held in Estes Park, Colorado, in August. Nearly 130 presentations were given at the meeting, and at least 20 of those focused …

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QDMA Partners With onX Hunt on CWD Map Layer

QDMA has partnered with onX, a leader in mobile mapping technology for outdoor adventures, to provide users of the onX Hunt app with a free chronic wasting disease (CWD) map layer. The layer is designed to make deer hunters more aware of CWD and its presence so they can comply with harvest, testing, and carcass …

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QDMA – Where Deer Hunters Belong

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