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Your support enables Our Mission: Ensuring the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. But as a QDMA member, you’ll also gain many hunting benefits:

More Hunting Success

As a QDMA member, you’ll learn how to consistently harvest more quality bucks with the latest information on deer senses, where and when mature bucks travel, expert stand setups, and the food sources that draw and hold them.


More Deer Knowledge

Discover how to attract and hold more deer where you hunt, regardless of acreage, with cutting-edge information on food plots, bedding cover, habitat management, strategies to control fawn losses to predators, and more.


More Fun!

Quality Deer Management produces a more intense rut, more chasing and grunting, more rubs and scrapes, more bucks seen, resulting in a more enjoyable hunting experience!


Do Your Part to Protect Deer Hunting

Your membership supports QDMA’s efforts to ensure quality deer herds and hunting opportunities for generations to come, on public and private lands. Click here to learn more about how we work to secure your deer-hunting heritage.


Free DVD

Your QDMA Membership Kit includes a free gift: QDMA's DVD production, Aging and Scoring Bucks on the Hoof, a $20 value free with your membership!


Six Issues of Quality Whitetails

Our award-winning deer hunting magazine, Quality Whitetails, gives you the information and guidance you need to enjoy more success where you hunt deer, from hunting strategies to food plots and habitat improvement. You'll also receive official membership credentials and a vehicle decal.


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