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08-18-2004, 02:28 PM
It came from NCDeer.com

I was looking out into the backyard yesterday evening thinking about deer hunting, or hunting in general(is there anything else?). A thought came by me, this is gonna be my 15th deer season. Hmm, no this isn't a beat my chest post. I am not a professional, trophy, top-notched, veteran or any such type of hunter. I am sure that the majority of the folks here have put alot more deer down than I have. I don't classify myself as a bowhunter, gunhunter, handgun hunter, or other. I'm a hunter, simply put. I don't fall into some elite class of chasing the almighty Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett buck. I have never used every tag on my license. I have, gone deerless through a season. I used to think that the world revolved around filling my only buck tag(when I first started deer hunting, that was all I got). Over the years though, alot has changed. I've learned a few things that either I found out that what Dad, Pa Pa, uncles, friends, and even some hunting/gun/bow writers have said to true. When you start out, you know it all(or think you do). It doesn't take very many seasons, sometimes just one, to be made humble. Here's some of the things that I have learned over the years:

Killing isn't everything

Deer don't read magazines

A big buck doesn't get big by doing what the little ones do

A 243 Winchester kills a lot better than some gunwriters will have you believe.

Alot of folks that made a bad shot, will blame their gun, bow, arrow, ammo, broadhead, scope, etc. before admitting that they fouled up.

Just because it looked like you missed, doesn't mean you did.

Even a deer hit by a well placed 165gr. bullet out of a 30-06 can run like heck for 150 yards, especially when he's running down hill.

A well placed arrow can put a deer down in less that 40 yards......sometimes.

If you can see the deer, he/she can most likely see you.

Deer CAN be killed on the ground(without treestands).

When you don't expect to see deer, they'll end up right on top of you.

When you expect to see deer, you won't(sometimes).

Not all spikes, three or four points are juvenile deer.

Taking an old, mature, big bodied doe isn't as easy as some think. I am proud of them.

Your first deer is always your most memorable.

A quality straight 4x or 3-9x scope is better than a cheap 4-12x.

Arrows less than 280fps don't bounce off deer.

Scopes do not need truck tire sized objective lens to see deer.

Scopes/binos, you get what you pay for(usually).

Deer DO look up if they feel the need(or think something is in the tree).

Deer can be shot in the rain.

Deer can be very, very quiet when they want to be.

They have a nasty habit of keeping trees, bushes, etc. between you and them.

Yes, they can smell you that well.

Sitting still for 10 consecutive hours is easier said than done.

The call of nature always happens right at the time the deer are moving.

It is possible to sit on the ground wearing a blaze orange coat and hat and have deer 10 yards (or less) away from you and NOT know you are there.

You can miss the "easy" shots.

When you shoot and miss (gun and bow) alot of times they'll run a short distance and stop and look back.

A good trigger makes a world of difference on how well you can shoot a rifle.

A properly fitted bow is important to accurate shooting.

I've never seen a deer that's dead have their eyes closed(something to think about when you walk up to them).

Things that I can remember 15 years ago:

Realtree had two patterns:brown leaf and green leaf

Mossy Oak had one

Treebark had one

All arrows that I saw were aluminum

There were alot of finger shooters(bow)

Stocks on guns were mostly wood

Barrels were mostly blued

A 30-06 was a "big" gun

Bushnell, Weaver, Redfield, Tasco scopes worked real well, especially the fixed power ones.

Shotguns had 2 3/4" or 3" chambers.

All the broadheads that I saw were fixed.

You could get an "outfitted" bow of good quality for $200 or less.

You wanted a fast bow, you shot with an overdraw.

Alot of folks jettisoned the overdraw eventually.

Military surplus camo was common, it worked.

Not everyone hunted out of treestands.

Seemed like alot more folks handloaded their ammo.

Scopes were mostly small.

There wasn't as many ATVs.

Hunting was just as fun then as it is now.

This is just a "turn back in time" for some of us folks. I'm sure that there are many, many people here that have alot more years experience. I just fealt like throwing this on here 'cause well, we're getting closer to another season. Good luck y'all.

08-19-2004, 11:53 PM
That's a very cool article CP. It definately makes you think back. Thanks for the smile bro.